28 08 2009
Our first message

06 04 2010
The start of our love journey


Will we be happily ever after?

Once Upon A Time


It was on this very day that we exchanged our first message on Facebook. We were both very happy that we were short listed for our new jobs in the same organization but in different departments. We started our career training program but did not bump into each other even when we are in the same building.


It was my luckiest day. I finally got to see Jessie.

We participated in the same event and finally got to meet each other in person. Her smile melted my heart. After my first relationship, I have remained single for almost 8 years. I thought my heart was dead. Racing heartbeats and butterflies in the stomach just didn’t make sense to me during this time frame. My heart was “AEDed” by Jessie. I was alive again. I felt the passion, the excitement. I fell in love.


We finally came together and became a couple.




Like every couple, we had our ups and downs.
We had our good times and rough patches.

I should not have ever agreed to re-evaluate our relationship.
I should not have let work overwhelmed me and placed it on a higher priority.

Jessie, I want to let you know. I’m still in love with you.

I want to be the person to take care of you for the rest of our life.

Please take me back Jessie.

Help Kenneth!!

This is my declaration of my love for Jessie to the entire universe.

This is my last shot.

If any part of my story touches your heart. Please help me.

I want to create a mosaic of pictures, a video....

I want to grab any potential opportunities to tell Jessie:

"I love you"

Download the simple "Take Kenneth Back" campaign image and pose in one/two or three different positions.

The top (over-the-top) position:

The middle (my-heart-for-you) position:

And finally the bottom (belly-make-it-without-you) position:

Last but not least, email your master pieces to

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.